Friday, August 6, 2010

Santa Cruz Sleep-Out: 19 Days and Counting

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A group of activists and the homeless have been camped out at the Santa Cruz county courthouse for 19 days, and they say they have no plans to leave.

They're calling it Peace Camp 2010. About 30 people are camping out to protest the city's sleeping bans, and organizers say their numbers are growing.

Even though they're rallying against city laws, they are technically on county property.

City officials have said they can't enforce their ordinances there, and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office has no enforcement plans, either.

Organizers say they are trying to make a point, and it doesn't matter if it's on city property or not.

"We're trying to protest the problem and demonstrate the solution," said activist Christoper Doyon. He said they can provide a cheap and safe place to sleep.

Doyon said the protest won't stop until the sleeping bans are repealed, and they are also asking for amnesty for all sleeping tickets dating back to 1979.

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