Sunday, July 11, 2010


'til we end the Sleeping Ban!

(Becky says)

1. First and foremost, our purpose here is to allow homeless people to sleep without being disturbed. So please do not disturb those who are already sleeping ( if you wish to stay up and talk, the suggested area is the lower steps near the porto-pottie).

2.Do alcohol or hard drugs somewhere else. Peace Camp 2010 is set up as a safe place to sleep
3.First come, first served in terms of bedding location to set up
4.Don't steal
5.Do not set up until after the building has closed for the day. We prefer you not lay down bedding until 8PM unless you are sick.
5.Have everything neatly stowed and all trash picked up by 8 AM
6.Do not block or obstruct locked or unlocked doorways, sidewalks, or wheelchair ramps at any time. Doors must open in case of fire. Make sure the door can be opened.
7.Share your things
8.Don't fight.
9.Respect all Sheriff's deputies, bailiffs, court personnel, county building workers, maintenance staff and members of the public who come to use daytime services. We want their support.
10.bring water and food whenever possible, but we have very little storage for food, so don't go crazy bringing food donations that cannot be consumed directly.
11.Beware the sprinklers!!! All lawns are heavily watered. Prepare in advance if sleeping on the lawn to protect yourself from sudden, expected showers, rain heavy at times.
12.The world is watching. We can be the change that people want to see. Don't be an idiot.
13.Talk to media. Allow all photographs, video, audio recordings. This is a public place and you have no expectation of privacy. You can ask not to be interviewed or photographed and they might respect your wishes. Ask for their business card so we know who we are talking to.
14.Bring sheets of cardboard to sleep on
15.Watch your stuff. Do not leave it laying all over the place. Keep your stuff confined to your bedroll area and try to keep that area somewhat tidy. The media will take photos of the messiest person and put that on the front page.
16.Smoking is allowed in the area. Please use some of the last existing public ashtrays in the City of Santa Cruz.
17.Wash your hands. Ed's porto-pottie has a hand washing station. The number one way to prevent the spread of disease is hand-washing. You may brush your teeth there as well, but do not drink the water.
18.The County camping ordinance does not apply to the courthouse lawns. You may sleep or cover yourself with a blanket and no police officer has the authority to prevent you. Technically, setting up a tent is legal, but we ask if you do so, to take it down by 8AM on weekdays.
19.Our success depends on not generating complaints or ill will toward county staff. Focus our criticism on the City government ,City police, and Downtown Merchant Associations as the main obstacles to ending the Sleeping and Blanket Bans.
20.All are welcome. There no legal way to discriminate anyway, so get over it. To bring about peace, we must ourselves be peaceable. We can accomplish great things with Peace Camp 2010. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and don't give up until we win.

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  1. What is the prize? How does it goes on once you have won? Is this then a group continually outside the comunity, or do you see how it could be incorperated into the comunity? Would people be sleeping where ever they could find a place or would it be a safe and controlled comunity inside the larger coumunity? I am interested in your vision, how does it continue once you have won.


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