Friday, July 16, 2010

Gus Ceballos: "Rid this town of the derelicts!!"

EDITORS NOTE: Not everyone loves Peace Camp 2010. This was posted on the website for City Council candidate, Gus Ceballos. Ceballos has apparently set his sights on ending the necessity defense. Good luck with that, Gus!!

found online at:

Homeless sleep at County Courthouse in Protest of ban

The most eye popping part of this article is how easy it is for homeless people to circumvent the laws and regulations our city currently has in place. According to Ed Frey, all the homeless have to do is sweet talk a homeless advocate at a homeless shelter for a “no bed tonight” note and his ticket thrown out.

These people make a mockery of our law system.

This city needs to get serious about creating and enforcing laws that will rid this town of the derelict. We need to let the police do what they need to to protect our streets and not treat criminals (any homeless person that willfully breaks city/state/federal law is a criminal) with kid gloves like they are currently asked to do.


  1. I agree with Gus, and suspect he will win. The Peace Camp is obviously a temporary measure.

  2. Peace Camp 2010 MAY be a temporary measure. But denying a whole class of people the right to sleep at night or to keep warm with a blanket may be a kind of final solution we shouldn't be contemplating.

  3. I have lived in many states and traveled the world, and I have been to few places with as many derelicts as there are in Santa Cruz. We need to call in the national guard to crack a few skulls. Don't believe me? How about all the hispanics who put in a hard days work and WANT to work, standing at a street corner in the rain to earn a few bucks; meanwhile your average derelict sits at a stop light with a sign for a hand out. OPEN YOUR EYES SANTA CRUZ.


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