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President Obama unveils Plan to End Homelessness

NOTE TO READER: "Curbhugger" Chris Doyon is attempting to make contact with President Barack Obama in order to get his support to end Sleeping and Blanket Bans as a way to deal with issues regarding homelessness. Santa Cruz County has a number of social service organizations that provide a network of services for homeless people, but, with the continued high cost of housing juxtaposed with chronically low wages, homelessness will continue into the foreseeable future without an infusion of federal dollars. Hopefully many of the restrictions put on federal funds can be eased to allow more to be sheltered. Log onto the KSBW site to view the video report.

----Becky Johnson, Editor

President, SCC On Same Page With Homelessness
Obama Administration's Homeless Plan Unveiled Tuesday

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif. --
The Obama administration's proposed plan that has a goal of eventually ending homelessness was unveiled on Tuesday.

The proposal, called "Opening Doors," was announced at the White House. The proposal promises smarter coordination among the many agencies that try to help people find stable housing and economic security.

The plan suggests a big shift is needed so that programs targeted to solve homelessness are integrated with health, education and human services efforts.

Local Attorney, Ed Frey delivers the porto-pottie to Peace Camp 2010 in front of the steps of the Santa Cruz County Courthouse as part of a protest/sleep-in against the City's infamous "Sleeping Ban" which criminalizes homelessness. Photo by Becky Johnson July 4 2010

It is estimated that 640,000 Americans do not have a place to live.

Some agencies in Santa Cruz County have already adopted a 10-year plan to end homelessness, and said they are on the same page as the president.

Agency employees said that there is already transitional housing and permanent housing plans offered, but what is needed is more affordable housing and support services.

"We've done a pretty good job of that," said Paul Brindel, of the Community Action Board. "We've seen some reduction in numbers over the last few years, but you can't end it without increasing people's income or reducing the cost of housing."

According to the 2009 Santa Cruz County homeless census and survey, there are about 2,260 people who are homeless in Santa Cruz County.

The Obama administration's plan calls for the end of chronic homelessness -- the problem of people cycling through shelters and hospitals -- in five years. It seeks to end homelessness among veterans in five years.

And it calls for preventing and ending homelessness among families and children in 10 years.

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  1. This is not really the level of Administrative support that can "end homelessness" expediently. So keep tabs on this "stream" of support if you can! Santa Cruz County has a very good network of service and shelter providers, but the rate that new resources are passed past Congress cannot keep pace with the rate of citizens becoming newly homeless, and it is NOT targeting the most unserved and most chronic of already-homeless people.

    And it will NOT help support a Day Center, nor a drop-in/drop-out (ie voluntary) "dry out" shelter, much needed, in this County. The state and federal monies are not really available for "emergency" shelter. In other words, none of those resources (at lest locally) are aimed at the functional homeless person who just needs to get out of the weather or caught up on sleep. It would take a huge local showing of support to even get any sort of emergency shelter to happen in Santa Cruz County. We eachneed to chat with the Supervisors!

  2. Posted comment because I remember the thud of being mislead when I was homeless and stretched to the max. I do not mean to be just a wet blanket, and I hope all will forgive if I seem that. I hope a few others will take my concern, and suggestion, seriously?

    Lighthouse Linda


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